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by Blossom Benedict

Everyone says they want a big, fun, fabulous life, but here’s something you may not have considered: Not everyone around you will be jumping for joy when you create it.  It actually may make a lot of people in your life feel quite uncomfortable. 

Are you always justifying what you have and why you deserve it? Are you actually keeping yourself small so that those around you don’t feel bad about their own life? 

If you are going to create everything you desire, there is one skill you are going to have to starting honing today. It’s called, “receiving judgment.”

It comes down to this– Are you willing for people to think you have too much, that you laugh to loud, that you don’t deserve what you have or that you’re “just lucky?”  Are you willing for people to feel awkward around you when you are having too much fun and just aren’t following the rules? 

If you’d like 2017 to be the year you truly get what you desire, here are 10 things you can start practicing today. 

(Spoiler alert: They are going to make people around you squirm!)  

1) Show up as the greatness of you.
2) Create your life in a way that works for you. 
3) Have too much fun. 
4) Create more money than you deserve for what you do.
5) Not have any problems worth sharing. 
6) Laugh too loud.
7) Refuse to hate your body.
8) Have no judgment of your family. 
9) Spend your time however you desire. 
10) Enjoy being alive. 

What if 2017 was the year you acknowledged that it’s pretty darn awesome to be alive…with or without all your ducks in a row? 

It really comes down to this, are you willing to make others around you uncomfortable? 

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