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The entrainment around money is that you always have to know everything. You have to be in conclusion and everything has to be done in order. The advice most experts give is that if you work hard for long hours then you will make a certain amount of money. What if this is not the only way to do it? What if there was a more fun and easier way to make even more money?

Asking questions opens you up to different possibilities and ideas. When you ask a question and answer it, you have one idea and one possibility. When you leave the question open-ended and don’t try to find a solution, you open to unlimited ideas. Here are 5 questions to open up your creativity and ideas to money flows.

​1. How does it get better than this?

Ask and you shall receive is a universal law, it’s even in The Bible. You may ask this question when something good or bad happens. If it is bad, it will get better, if it is good, it will get better!

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access tells a story about a woman who found a penny on the side of the street and she asked ‘how does it get better than this?’ Later, she found $50! She asked the question again. That evening when she was getting out of the cab, she found a shiny object on the ground, it was a diamond bracelet in the gutter.  She was so taken by the whole experience that she thought it couldn’t possibly get any better. Well, it didn’t. When you ask this question, and if you have no point of view about what the outcome might be, you open up to anything the Universe could gift to you.

2. What could I add to my life today to generate more money?

My guess is that when you read this, you thought you already have enough on your plate. What if by adding new things to your life you could have a fresh perspective on all your projects? When a project is moving slowly and you feel unmotivated, you can go put your attention on something else and come back to a clean slate. Also, I encourage you ask. are you tired or bored? Do you find when you are doing a boring project you are always tired? What if everything you added to your life was so fun you didn’t get bogged down?

3. How can my abilities make me money?

When you are good at something you give it no value. You think it is so easy, anybody could do it and nobody would pay. This is not true! You have a capacity to do something others don’t. Make a list of things you love to do and are easy for you. Maybe it’s gardening, making phone calls, painting your nails, reading. Make a huge list. Ask what would it take to make money from these?

Where can I spend my money to make money?

I’m sure you’ve here the saying ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money’. People generally hold onto money so they have it. If you are clutching every last dollar, how can you receive more? You can’t! Your hand is shut! Where can you spend money today to create more money? It may be directly, such as an investment. It may be something like buying a dress. Don’t shut off to how things can make you money, you’d be surprised!

What would be fun to do today?

Money and work are generally serious topics. What if they could be fun? Are you more productive when you are bored? Not many people are. When people are happy and less stressed, they are more productive which generally reaps more money. In this reality we are told work is not fun and business is hard. It will not always be easy, but what if it were always fun?

These questions have worked for thousands of people, you can figure out if these will work for you. Use what is true for you. Perhaps you thrive off creativity, fun and challenges. If so, these questions are certainly for you. Perhaps you like order and the comfort of things to keep being the way they always have been. If you do, that is fine too. Would you be willing to ask these questions and see what shows up?

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