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What is it that you know that no one else knows that will create a different world? And what difference are YOU that you have never recognized?

Growing up, voicing my ‘thoughts’ or ‘feelings’ was often reprimanded, especially when it did not follow what was expected of a good young girl. So, I quickly learned to second guess myself, to doubt what I was going say and to worry about the consequences. Basically, I learned to judge me, my voice, my ideas and my awareness from every direction.

As an adult, there was still constant head chatter as I searched for the correct, right and often perfect thing to say, which really held me back from expressing myself. Things did not truly shift for me until about four years ago when a friend shared the Access Consciousness Bars, and I began to truly discover me.

After years of working with kids and adults, I’ve discovered the unkindness and violence we perpetuate onto ourselves. With each judgment, criticism, doubt, fear and limitation we use against our greatness, we are limiting what is possible in the world.

What would it take for more people around the world to claim, own and acknowledge the gift, beauty, joy and possibility they truly be?


If you could begin by expressing and voicing the magic of you and what it is you know is possible in the world, just for you…would you?

So, where do you begin?  Here are four easy steps to begin to claim, own and acknowledge your voice with more ease, space and possibility.

Now, remember in this exercise – there is no right or wrong answer!

#1 CREATE SPACE: Take three slow deep breaths, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. And begin to perceive all the walls or head chatter of judgment and separation fall to your side.

#2 EXPAND YOUR SPACE: Take that space you are now aware of and stretch it out in all directions, farther, farther, farther in all directions.

#3 ASK: If I wasn’t judging me, my voice and my ideas, what could I acknowledge I know? And begin to list all that comes to you without filtering it.

#4 RECEIVE: Now, would you allow yourself to receive all that energy of what you have acknowledged you know?
What if your choice and your voice changes the face of what is possible in the world? Would you be willing to gift us your voice?

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