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I was asked to write a small piece on my journey to becoming the Creative Producer for Access X-Men, a very simple request right? 

NOPE!!! Not for me! Haha ….you see I am an X-Men.  

Communicating in words that which is so exciting and honoring to me is never an easy task having ADD, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, and Autism all rolled into one. So you’ll excuse me if the next bit makes no sense in the written word at all.

In fact what you could do is soften the ideas of the words and soak up the energy that is here for me when I even consider all the amazing facilitators that will be showing up to spread this amazing body of work that Access X-Men is.

First created by the founder of Access, Gary Douglas.  Then further developed by one of the most elegant Access facilitators, Diva Diaz, to change the reality people with disabilities live with. These ideas, tools and energies, the Specialty of Access X-Men is, have the potential of creating such a different planet!

So here goes…

I have the distinct pleasure of being the Creative Producer for THE SPECIALTY OF MISFITS. To the seekers, the difference makers, mover and shakers on the planet that will NEVER fit in.  I cannot wait to introduce each and every one of them who chooses to show up and take their unique difference out into the world with the courage to change it!
There … I said it… did you get it?

Cara Wright , Creative Producer of Access X-Men