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by Donnielle Carter

You’ve done what you are supposed to do.

You’ve asked your body what it would like to eat and it’s told you a chocolate candy bar.

What do you do next?  You say to yourself, “Well, if a chocolate bar is what my body desires then it won’t negatively affect my body!”

What happens then?  You gain weight, you feel sick, you break out…WHAT HAPPENED?  “I was supposed to eat the chocolate and everything would be good!”

Your body may have indicated that it desired the chocolate bar but, TRUTH, do you have any judgment of chocolate? Do you have any judgments about what chocolate may do to your body?  The rightness of it or the wrongness of it?  The sugar in it?  That you shouldn’t be eating it?

What if what we are judging about the food could negate how much our body receives from the food?

Your Body speaks energy.  As you are eating the food that your body has indicated, if you are doing it with the unspoken energetic judgments of “This chocolate will make me fat” guess what your body hears?  “Eat this and get fat!”

Don’t fear, it’s not hopeless!  Next time your body indicates what it desires to eat, before you take the first bite ask, “Truth do I have any judgments of this food?” Then POD POC whatever comes up.  The judgment could be as simple as, “I’m eating salad it’s good for me. Or I’m eating chocolate and it’s bad for me.”  When you get rid of the judgment you have of the food then your body is able to receive what it originally asked for with the food.  Just this one simple tool will help you to increase the ease of communication with your body!