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What would it be like to begin enjoying your body no matter what your size, shape, age or fitness level?You can stop old patterns and begin to enjoy your body by getting out of judgment. What if you could create the body you truly desire by creating a totally different relationship with it?


What kind of relationship do you currently have with your body?

Do you begin your day by looking in the mirror and judging yourself? Are you in constant conflict with your body? Would you like that to change?​

​As you begin to change your perspective about your body, it creates a space for your body to change.

What if you could move beyond any rightness or wrongness with your body? What if you were willing to receive your body and truly listen to all that it is communicating with you?  Might that change your experience on the earth?  Might that even contribute to the earth in ways you’ve never imagined?

Our bodies are intimately connected with all other living things, the plants, the animals, and the Earth.  Have you ever noticed how peaceful you feel in nature? There is no judgment there, just a sense of space and allowance. What if you could have that with your body? What if you could nurture and be grateful your body as the Earth is for you?

On a more intimate level, our bodies are full of information and awareness that can assist us in creating beyond what we can do alone with our minds. Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, talks about the body as a sensory organism constantly giving us information that we often do not listen to or receive.

Often, an unwillingness to receive information from our bodies can lead to sensations we perceive as pain or discomfort.  We look at our body as an enemy to force and fight into the shape or size we desire. What if the opposite it actually true?

“WHAT IF YOUR BODY WAS ACTUALLY YOUR GREATEST ALLY?”What if you could talk to your body and ask it questions? What shape and size would your body like to be? What contribution can your body be to you and your life?

The separation from our body and viewing it as less has existed throughout history. It has been perpetrated by churches, cults and religions and many cultures. Traditionally bodies have been seen as limiting us and preventing us from accessing what is a “higher spiritual level”.  What if that was all a lie?

What if that keeps us from the awareness of the greatness and possibilities of our bodies?

There is a different possibility. One that involves communion with your body. What if you never had to separate from or judge your body again? What if you were willing to receive the kindness, the generosity and the awarenesses that your body has to offer?  Is this something that might expand your life?