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By Rebecca Hulse

A hot topic of conversation is always “How do I figure it out?” and even more so financially.  We are inundated with information on what we should be doing if we have money and how to get money if we don’t already have it. And most of what you read is conflicting! What are you supposed to do?

Right Riches for You suggests that instead of looking externally for the latest advice and expertise, you look internally for what will work for your unique financial situation.

If you look to other areas of your life, you may find that every time you “Figured it out,” you were immediately met with new information that made you question what you had previously decided. Perhaps, if your logical mind could figure it out, you would already be happy with your financial situation?

If you can’t think your way into money, what can you do to change it? Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out. All that’s required is just enough smarts to ask a question.

When you ask a question, especially an open ended question, you are asking your mind and resources available to explore different possibility to what you have previously considered.

Asking questions about what you know financially not through previous learning but through awareness accesses a different part of you that thinks illogically and often contains brilliance and inspiration.

When you look within to find a different view point from which to create, you may find that there are multiple possibilities you can choose that would create a different financial situation.

One question you can start using right away is, “How can I use what I have already created to my advantage?” Ask this question without expectation of a result and ponder the possibilities. Let the question be there and if needed, go do something else.

You will find possibilities show up in surprising ways. If you desire more questions to ask, visit www.rightrichesforyou.com.

Rebecca Hulse is a best-selling author, speaker, and Right Riches for You Facilitator. You can see her upcoming Right Riches classes and other possibilities available at www.rebeccahulse.com ​