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By: Julie O Perkins, CF, RBFY Taster Facilitator

It’s summertime – full of fun and play! My favorite summer past times are swimming in outdoor pools or mountain lakes – hiking in the woods – and camping under the stars. My body lights up doing these things – they’re very special to me.

These playful things stopped after I graduated college and got my first “real” full-time job. I distinctly remember pressing my nose to the glass of my tiny office window that first summer, yearning to be outside either lifeguarding (my usual summer job) or quieting my mind out in nature somewhere. My body was not happy sitting at a desk indoors. I tried to appease it by getting a second part-time job as the evening manager at a local outdoor pool – yet after a few weeks, it just felt like I was “working” all the time.

My body was tired. Plus it began to get sick a lot. For the next couple of decades, it worked hard as a business owner, household manager and mom. In my early 40’s, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, then severe adrenal fatigue, both of which had me bedridden and withdrawn from my family and my life. During treatments and recovery, I heard basically the same thing from my doctors and healing practitioners: “You’re so aware and in touch with your body. It shows by the way you describe what’s going on.”

Huh? I wasn’t perceiving that at ALL. I only felt a HUGE disconnect from my body.

Then I found Access Consciousness. One of the greatest gifts of Access to me personally is Right Body for You, the “body of work” (pun intended) led by the ever cheerful, dynamic and potent Donnielle Carter. She invited me to dive deeper into this “work” (that was actually PLAY) and acknowledge that I DID actually KNOW what was going on with my body. From there, Right Body for You literally showed me how to change and heal my weary body! Because of it, I was coming ALIVE instead of the slow decay that “working hard” was creating.
I’ve been asked what is so special about Right Body for You – here are my top 3 things:

Enhanced Communication with my Body: I no longer ignore or avoid the whispers of wisdom that my body is gifting me. Waiting for things to get dire, is no longer required, for me to effectively communicate with my body!

Greater Communion with my Body and the Earth: Right Body for You showed me how to create an intimate rapport – or communion – with my body that I know shares a unique healing connection with the Earth. By asking for and receiving that greater communion, I’ve experienced everything from instant relief of chronic body pain to the dissipation and changing of decades-old, surgical scars.

Exponentialized Awareness of – with – for – and through my Body: I now know how to create with my body, for the things that it desires and requires (like great clothes and the money for them!) – how to “fuel” my body (with everything from tasty food to rejuvenating walks on the beach!) – and how to facilitate FAST change in my body, most often by simply acknowledging its capacities for transformation and healing.

This list could go on and on, since so many topics are discussed in the Right Body for You tasters and classes. ANYTHING related to bodies (body image, sex, money, relationship, food, etc) can be explored, making each class specifically tailored for – and especially special to – each body and infinite being who chooses to attend.

The joy of embodiment – the fun and play of truly living – plus the infinite possibilities that are available from those energies, are the amazing gifts of Right Body for You, that make it so special to me. I wonder how it could be special to you?
Visitwww.RightBodyforYou.com find out more about Right Body for You.