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By Susanna Mittermaier

Being ‘crazy happy’ is when you are happier than is normal. It’s when you smile in the morning when everybody else is grumpy. When you’re so happy that people wonder if you are either totally out of your mind because they just cannot imagine that anybody could be so happy especially without a reason – just because.

So, how can you access your crazy happy? We asked Susanna Mittermaier, psychologist and Right Voice for You facilitator, and she said there are three key things you can do to get yourself to that elusive state. Scroll down to read them.

1. Get over being normal.

The world is already full of normal people. It needs you to be you. Just scan through your life and see how often you have been trying to be normal and how not fun that was. How often have you tried to fit in? Have you ever fit in anywhere? Is this what you would like to choose for you? What other choices do you have that you have not acknowledged yet? What if you start with one hour per day where you do not make any attempt to be normal and just be you. What will you notice? How is your world? Are you any happier?

2. Enjoy the judgments.

In our world, it is normal to be unhappy and not normal to be happy. Have you noticed? To what degree can you be happy before you are asked if you are crazy? What if that does not stop you anymore? As soon as you are willing to enjoy judgments rather than avoiding them, you can have a level of freedom that not many people on this planet are willing to have.

Start to enjoy judgments rather than avoiding them. How? By asking, “What am I making relevant and real that is not?” and what if every judgment that others have of you is just a compliment and an award for your difference and the unstoppable crazy happy you?

3. Focus on you.

Time to no longer put the unhappiness of the world on your shoulders and truly start to be happy for yourself. If you find yourself trying so hard to make others happy that you lack the desire to make yourself that happy, this needs to stop. It isn’t about being cold – it’s about being pragmatic.

When you are happy, you inspire others. Think about this: it’s natural for you to be happy – you just had a lot of practice being unhappy growing up in this world. ​