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We have all grown up dreaming about money. About that day when… if… we hit the lottery, or get a big inheritance. How splendid that would be.  It would give us a reason to create more in our lives and have the things we have always wanted without having to be hourly wage slaves. But that “if” point of view is a very dangerous one to have.

It takes us out of looking for ways to create a bigger life and puts us into fantasy.  It also takes us out of creating a future. If you don’t create your future today, there will be nothing there waiting for you a year from now. What if you looked at everything from the point of view of “What future will this create?”

Think about it this way: only about 0.0000001% of the population are truly looking for a life beyond this reality, rather than for one that is predictable and comfortable.
Have you known your whole life that you are not normal? Are you part of the 0.0000001%  who is different?

There is something called the energy of life and living. It is an energy that naturally attracts money toward you. The first time I had this energy pump through me, I was in my basement at fifteen years old watching a webcast of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle talking about the energy of joy that is available to us all. Suddenly this energy of life and living flooded over me and I began to perceive my whole future laid out in front of me and how amazing and beautiful it was going to be, if I kept down this path of seeking. I burst into tears because what was running through me was so beautiful my whole body was overtaken with sheer happiness.

For me, that is what Gary Douglas refers to as possibility.

When I found the tools of Access Consciousness I had a similar experience at my first class with the founders, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. The world became bright and beautiful and I knew I could have, be or do anything in this world.
That is the energy that brings money toward you.
Are you someone who is capable of having the energy of life and living pump through them? And what would you have to be, that you are not currently being, that would create it as you reality every single day?