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    X-Men ~ Creating a REAL Future with Gary Douglas and Diva Diaz was such a contribution to so many people. It took what we’ve all known is possible with X-Men and exponentialised it.

     Throughout the class, Gary and Diva spoke about where we all make ourselves wrong and how this locks us up from creating the real future that could be available.

     What if …everything that you have ever been told is a wrongness about you is, in fact, a strongness about you that you chose to come to this planet with. It is not so much a wrongness but the fact that your parents, family, teachers and others couldn’t control you to the degree that they wanted to.

Often the one place you will stick yourself with is what you have decided you have got right. So ask:

1. Where is the consciousness here?
2. What’s right about me that I’m not getting?
3. What do I know here that I’m pretending not to know or denying that I know?

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More of these tools and questions are explored in these classes:

The Beginning of a Different Possibility – 1 Day Class
What if behind every single wrongness there is a strongness; a great capacity and a huge gift that you are to the world?  More info HERE

X-Men: Disabilities or Abilities – 2 Day Class
There are many so-called dis-eases that can be transformed into greater possibilities for living using the tools of Access Consciousness®. In this specialist class, we will talk about some very practical tools that create totally different possibilities for people who are labeled ‘disabled’ or who have ‘incurable’ illnesses. What if they (or you!) are just the start of what else could be possible on our planet? Would you like to create a very different future? When we use these abilities to our advantage, we can!
More information HERE 

These tools and techniques from these classes create more space , easeful living and much more. We are very excited to share to have some extra  WORLDWIDE classes and ( drum roll please) X-Men The Beginning of a Different Possibility   X-Men Disabilities or Abilities will be
Live & Live Streamed Worldwide in July from UK.

More information on the 
1-Day class and 2-Day class 
and all of X-Men Classes worldwide including India , Brazil , Italy, Hungary, Turkey are HERE

Looking forward to a fun filled action packed X-Men 6 months and beyond !  
If you would like to get in contact with us about anything X-Men related  
email us here Xmen@accesconsciousness.com