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Being you class is my favourite class to facilitate! Why? Because I get to be me, in all my glory, weirdness , joy and humour. Me being me is the perfect invitation for everyone in the class to be them.

In a recent class we had a man that was clincallly depressed, I asked him to join me up on stage and we just sat there and talked. I be’d me and he started to drop all his barriers and a smile started to spread across his face.

After 10 minutes we hugged and everyone in the room stepped into such vulnerability and joy.

After the class his wife came up and told me he had not smiled in over 2 years… and now 6 months on he has been one of the happiest men I know… If one 10 minute facilitation in class could do that for this man, what could a being you class do for you?

By Liam Phillips