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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  in this reality is a diagnosis that describes recurrent and persistent thought patterns, emotions and behaviors. These are ritualistic and cause enough distress that they interfere with daily life.

Obsessive (all consuming)

Compulsive (uncontrollable)


In this reality it can show up like the obsessive repetition of movement or thoughts or having to obsessively having all clear up all mess, or having to have everything so perfect, or having to line objects up…

So what does Access Consciousness X-Men say about OCD?

is the ability to perceive, know, be, and receive everything around you from 800-8,000 miles in all directions.
Just stop there .. 800- 8000 miles in all directions ??
What does that look like ?  Have a look at photo below ?

The distance from LONDON to EASTER Island in Chile is 8000 miles
Now visualize that in all directions .You are actually aware of what is a GREAT BIG circle around most of the globe. You are aware of every thought feeling & emotion in that zone. Is it no wonder that Gary Douglas and Dain Heer continually ask us to use the  access tool WHO DOES IT BELONG TO? constantly for 3 days .

Do you know this tool?

Read more about Who Does It  Belong To? on this PDF HERE or use the app we’ve developed on your phone HERE.

It is  a simple way to really get aware of  who and what you actually are aware of !!!

Access says OCD is actually  (obsessive compulsive creator), because you are constantly in obsessive-compulsive creation. If you don’t have enough going on in your life, you make yourself  (obsessive compulsive creator of crap).

These are tremendous abilities, because you can accomplish so much in so little time. The thing about OCD is that you pick up everybody’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If you go into the wrongness of you, you become compulsive about that. For me  it was washing and drying my hair 3 times a day , the only way i knew to get the  ‘dirty feeling from my head’ .  for others it can be lining things up or counting.

In actual fact , OCD  is an ability. It is not only the ability to multitask, but also the ability to increase everything that’s going on. If you can tap into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of people, could you also tap into their energies, and to what they know about completing or creating? That’s where you’ve got to start using that OCD capacity, rather than seeing it as a wrongness. How do you use this to create something greater for you?

​Diva says When I need information, I go, “Who knows about this and can I have it please?” All of a sudden I have all kinds of information about something I know nothing about.

This is a just a brief glimpse into the world of OCD and X-Men. For more information  you can join an X-Men intro class / telecall or live  class or live stream class

What do you know about X-Men you may have never acknowledged?