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Money is an acknowledgment of how you are willing to create and generate your life. It is a by-product of your choices and what you create. There doesn’t have to be a limitation unless you choose it.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, money is not a source of creation. Money simply increases your capacity to have a different choice. In truth, money is the result of choice and not the source of choice. The creation of greater possibility comes from what you can choose, and what you can do because of these choices.

Everything that money is, is about the energy of change, and possibilities. Money is something you can use to change reality. Do you use money as a way of creating a different reality? What if you could use money as a tool for creating something greater by choosing to create beyond this reality?  What could you do or choose that would create greater possibility in the world right away?

Be willing to be the awareness of those possibilities of what you can use money to create, to generate, and to change things. Look for infinite possibility with money, and stop making choices through the limitations of this reality. The places where you are cutting off your awareness are the places you are diminishing your capacity to create beyond this reality. Whenever you are doing anything with money, ask: “If I use this money and if I do this, is it going to change reality? What could this create? What is it going to change?

In every moment, you have to ask: “What can I be and do to use the money I have, to create a different reality? What question do I have to be to create a different reality with total ease?”

You have to be the question about everything if you would like to use money to create beyond this reality. Be open to the choice of new possibilities, and to the question of what can get created instead of the conclusion of what should be created. Never go into conclusion about anything if you really want to create something different, something greater.

To use money to create beyond this reality you must choose for the possibilities.  When you look for infinite possibilities with money instead of just looking at the possibilities of money based on this reality, a whole new world opens up for you.  You must be willing to be aware of everything in order to create beyond this reality. Possibility does not come from money.  It’s about how you facilitate money, and how you facilitate change in the world with money that creates possibility.

Please recognize that money is not the source of creation, you are the source of creation of different possibilities with money. Your awareness and your choice requires no money. Your willingness to be the question, and to use money to create beyond this reality can change all reality, the money by itself cannot.

When you look for infinite possibilities with money you can do things you never thought were possible. When you function from possibilities and you ask, “What’s really possible here?”, all kinds of things can show up in your life.