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by Dr. Kacie Crisp
After spending two weeks in two different years in the region of the southern Serengeti where “the great migration” is supposed to happen, on my last day of the second week, I finally saw it.

Three million wildebeests, accompanied by 300,000 zebras, migrate miles and miles and cross the crocodile infested Mara River on the Kenya-Tanzania border to travel to the nutrient rich plains of the southern Serengeti so the females can give birth.

I’d been surrounded by lots of wildebeests before, but this was undeniably the real thing.  The driver parked us on the plains.  Ahead of us were some hills with lines of more wild beasts than you could possibly count, streaming down the hill in pathways chosen in ways only they can understand.  Further to the left was another solid mass of four legged animals, moving down the pathway of their choice.

That was ahead of us.  But to the left, the right, and behind us were more masses of animals, standing, loping, eating and running in all directions.

Although I was there to take pictures, I decided to tune instead into the energy of the event.  I was surrounded by 3 million wild four-legged beings.  I asked myself and my body to sense and receive the energy of that moment.

Wow!  The energy of that was wider and more vast than anything I have yet experienced.  These animals are truly wild.  They go where they choose, following what’s chalked up to “instinct” that leads them to travel en masse in this migration every year.

How sad it is that the only thing I could compare this moving stream of life to was the taillights on a rush hour freeway in the “civilized” “developed” world.

How wonderful, what a gift, that somewhere on the planet this wildness has not been spoiled, that it’s allowed to continue to exist in the greatness that’s created from it’s own chaos!

But what does being surrounded by the deluge of energy of these free wild animals have to do with Right Voice for You?  I wasn’t singing, though I could have.  The wildebeests were making their own song, a nasal grunt that gave them their other name, gnus.

One of the things that comes up so very often in Right Voice for You classes is what we’re refusing to receive.    Very often it’s other people’s judgments—or even what we expect other people’s judgments to be—that holds us back from being truly us.

What we most often refuse to receive is the greatness of us—what we can truly be when we stop making these judgments important or real.

The wildebeests don’t have any of these problems. They don’t judge their actions, they just choose. If they feel like running, they run. If they feel like jumping, they jump.  If they feel like eating, they eat.

At first glance, these animals look like they were put together from spare parts left over from the creation of other animals.  They have the face of an ox,  weird translucent beard, eyes that go in opposing directions, the tail of a horse, and front legs much longer than the back legs. They’re called one of the “ugly 5” (in comparison to the big 5 of hunters) on the safari circuit, but I found that the more I looked at them, the more I appreciated their uniqueness and beauty.  When they run, they have a curious loping that becomes more graceful the longer you look at it.

What about you or your life have you judged to be ugly, that if you appreciated its uniqueness and energy could actually become beautiful and inspiring?

Right Voice classes offered all over the world are an invitation to you to find out!

Classes Coming up:
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April 15: Right Voice For You – Master Class, Germany, Susanna
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May 29: Right Voice For You – Breakthrough Intro, Romania, Kacie
August 11: Right Voice For You – Master Class, Germany, Susanna
November 11: Right Voice For You – Master Class with Blossom Benedict, UK, Blossom
November 14: Advanced Right Voice For You/ Facilitators Training, UK, Blossom  (Location has not been confirmed yet)