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What if the money in your bank account does not dictate what else you can create for your financial reality?

What is the first thing that comes to mind the minute you look at your bank account? So many people immediately go into the judgements and wrongness of the cash they currently do have available instead of the gratitude for the money they have created and is currently available in their bank account.

Judgments create more judgements not money.  Gratitude creates more gratitude and receiving.

What if the first step to creating your new financial reality is to be willing to be honest with yourself? Be aware and know that you can change anything, once you acknowledge you are the creator of your current reality.

Step 1 – Have awareness of your current finances

Write down everything you spend money on.  Your rent, utilities, food, car expenses, clothes, etc.   Then write down all the current ways you are bringing in money into your life.  Your income from your job, from family, everywhere you currently add money into your life.  Now be grateful for everything.

Step 2 – Awareness of your desires finances 

Write down what you would like to have and add to your life.  This can include your day-to-day expenses as above and anything else you would like to add like classes, trips, pamper days, anything else you would like to add to your life.  Tally this up.
Then add 10% of the tallied amount to the honoring of you and 10% of the tallied amount to the items you have not even considered yet.

Step 3 – Ask Questions 

With your awareness of what is currently in place and what you would like to create, ask questions.  Questions will start to change the energy of what may be in place and provide you awareness of what else is available.  Questions also allow the universe to be a contribution to you and what you are asking about.

1.    What have I defined me as based on the money I currently have?
2.    What are the infinite possibilities I have not even considered yet?
3.    What question do I have to be to create a different reality with total ease?
4.    What can I choose now to change all of this?
5.   What awareness do I need to have to change this? What have you made so vital, valuable and real about the order of a conventional life that keeps you from the chaos that would create living that is always expanding, never contractive and always creating greater possibilities with every choice you make?

After each of the questions above say, “Everything that is times a godzillion, I destroy and uncreate it all? Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nines, shorts, boys and beyonds.®”

What if what you have chosen until now does not have to have an effect on what can be and create for tomorrow?