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Have you ever wondered if the Avatar connection (where the blue alien humanoids could literally ‘plug’ into another animal to create a closer emotional / energetic bond) was something that you are actually capable of?

Have you ever stopped to think how energetic we already are as beings.  Ever walked in a room and just known the mood of the person before they even turned around to look at you or speak?  Have you been in nature and your whole body and being lightened up and relaxed? Or walked down a street or into a building and had a sense that something was a bit ‘creepy’ or not really a place you would like to hang around in?  That is an awareness of energy.  What could we create if we could acknowledge our energetic awareness and use it to create all kinds of things, like a connection with a horse?

The primary language of horses (and us!) is energy.  You can of course learn all the traditional ways of handling and riding a horse with all the physical cues… and what if using the language of energy was another possibility that you could add to the mix to create something even greater?

Here are two ways you can begin to play with energy to create a connection with your horse, or any horse (or animal, or person!) you encounter.

Pull Energy

On a recent episode of the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider (CHCR) radio show “Horses Talk, We Listen,” a woman asked how she could have as much ease riding bareback as she does with a saddle and all the tack.  Armina Bridgeman, Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider clinic facilitator, said: “One of the best tools is to pull energy through your horse. Whether you are sitting on them bareback or not, this will work. Pull energy up through the ground, up through the horse, up through you. It creates this amazing connection to your horse and makes you more present with it, too.”

For those of you who wonder ‘how’ to pull energy.  Just ask the energy to flow, and don’t doubt yourself!  Hanne Stigaard, another Conscious Horse Conscious Rider clinic facilitator, said she never used to ‘feel’ anything when she was first pulling energy, but she did notice the result, such as sensing the horse relax and enjoying an easier ride when she did.  Hanne also has another tip for creating a greater connection with your horse – be the leader of the herd by expanding your energy, and requesting of your horse, not using force.

Request, Don’t Force

Are you willing to be the energy of the Alpha horse?

Hanne says, “Horses are herd animal and prey animals. Their lives depend on the most powerful leader. The leader will be the one with the most expanded energy and biggest awareness (not necessarily the one with the biggest muscles or physical strength), who will pick up that there is a predator over there and we need to now move in that direction. The natural state for a horse will be to look for who the leader is in their herd. For a horse, a herd is a herd, even if it is them and you.  So they are looking for, ‘Ok are you going to lead here, or me?’”
Taking the lead is not about force, it is about being the one willing to make a request, like:
“Will you take care of me?”  “If we go for a ride today, will it be fun for us?”  or “What do you require in order for us to have an enjoyable ride today?”

Are you curious about more tips and tools for creating a greater connection and greater possibilities with your horse? Are you wondering how being with a horse can invite you to be a true leader in your life, and more?  Check out past and upcoming shows of “Horses Talk, We Listen” on blogtalk radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioushorseconsciousrider