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By Curry Glassel as featured in Zest Now

​Money – it’s a topic we all have in common. Lack of money, excess of money, hard-earned money, easy money – it’s something that affects everyone. But few people have seen money from as many angles as Curry Glassell. From being born into extraordinary money as the daughter of an oil magnate, she’s had it, lost it, found it again and along the way learned so much about different people’s relationships with the almighty dollar. She’s spent years teaching people how they can change viewpoints that keep them from creating wealth, and also how to be comfortable with money once they get it.

Curry teaches a course called “Right Riches for You”, and she is constantly surprised at what stops people from earning the money they want and deserve. “When we get down to the core of people’s money beliefs on a course, there’s always a story they’re not aware of. For some it’s that their parents never had enough and taught them that money was always in short supply; for some it’s their culture or religion’s view on wealth – for me it was that I had grown up with some very wealthy people who did some very unkind things so I associated wealth with meanness and saw money as the root of all my malaise.”

Whatever the background story is, change comes quickly when people discover the often untrue subconscious thoughts they have about money. “Once I realized that money wasn’t evil, I stopped spending it wildly and living beyond my means. I no longer tried to get rid of it as soon as I got it, as I realized wealth wasn’t something terrible. There are plenty of nice wealthy people out there and people are unkind because they’re unkind, not because they’re rich!”

There are some questions Curry says you can ask yourself to discover what hidden points of view you many have about money. Here are some of them:

1.            How do you view money? Is it a happy or sad thing?
2.            Is money easy to make? Why or why not?
3.            What should people do when they have lots of money? Save or Spend? Why?
4.            What are your family’s views on money?
5.            What does your culture or religion say about money?
6.            What do your friends think about money?
7.            Would you like to be earning more? If so, why do you think this isn’t happening?

If you answer these types of questions honestly you can start to form a picture of your money mindset. Then you need to start genuinely questioning whether your answers are true. For example if you realize one of your recurring thoughts is “Money makes you greedy” or “you have to work long hours to make good money” or “I can only ever earn a maximum of $50,000 a year doing my job” you have to look at whether that’s actually a fact or not. More often than not, it isn’t true and if you can let it go, everything can change in a matter of minutes”
– See more at: http://zestnow.com/whats-stopping-you-from-having-financial-freedom/#sthash.97jjiahD.dpuf

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