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You sit there telling yourself, “I don’t want the pastry.  I don’t want the pastry.”  What if your body wasn’t actually wanting it, but was simply giving you the awareness that the person in the office next door was wanting the pastry?

I can’t tell you how many times that was me!  And that I did go eat the pastry all the while judging me and hating my body.  I’ve spent so much of my life ignoring and judging my body (judging it while ignoring it…ha ha am I talented!) that I have to laugh every time I hear myself say, “Bodies are my new hobby.”  Haven’t I had a body my whole life?  But in ignoring my body what I didn’t realize was how much of my life I was cutting off.

​Your body is an amazing sensory organism with a consciousness of its own that is constantly giving you information about the world and the people around you.  It could be tactile like a gentle touch on your skin, a comforting hug from a friend or the warmth of the sun.  Or energetic like knowing people’s emotions, when danger is near, what people are thinking or what they want to eat.  How do you receive all that information?  Oh yeah, through your body!  Are you willing to listen to it?  Or are you only listening when your body has to scream at you?  Here’s a hint – that scream usually shows up as pain, illness or even excess weight.  What else is possible?

I’ll let you in on a little secret I learned using the tools of Access Consciousness™ & Right Body for You™…communication with your body is the key to changing your body and changing your life.  When I began to acknowledge my body, communicate with it, not judge it and ask it questions, I was able to drop half my body size 4 short months with no deprivation, dieting or self loathing.  What???  Yep, questions similar to “Body, what do you want to eat?” & “Who does this belong to?” changed everything!  The best part?  Sometimes my body wants peanut m&m’s!

Communication with my body has opened up a new world of awareness and possibility for me.  I no longer hide from the world, I laugh more, I have a weekly radio show and I’m a contributor to the dynamic book Right Body for You.

What if changing your body is as simple as asking it a question?  For losing weight, “Body, what do you want to eat? or Body, what do you require?”  When you’re hungry, “Body are you hungry or am I aware of someone else’s hunger?”

It’s your body, are you listening?