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How many opinions have you heard on why credit cards are bad? They are designed to get you into debt. They take forever to pay off. You shouldn’t spend money you do not have. Interest is expensive. They are a trap!
While these accusations are not necessarily false, they do not have to be true either. If you pay off your credit card by it’s due balance a credit card can provide many benefits for you.

If you know how to make a credit card work for you, what could that create for your financial reality? Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness encourages people to ask: how can I use this to my advantage?
Credit cards are a magnificent tool if you use them to your advantage. They do not have to be used unconsciously and get you into a lot of debt. They can be used to create you more money if you learn how.

I like to travel a lot and so I look for credit cards that earn me frequent flier points for my favourite airlines. You can also find credits that give you perks for all kinds of things. What if every dollar you spent gave you a discount on your groceries or a discount on an online shopping site? There is a huge variety of benefits for credit cards.

They also can be used to build up a good credit rating if you ever desire to get a loan. Not only are you more likely to be approved, you often can pay less if you have a good rating. Also, you sometimes can get  alone with up to 55 days interest free if you know how to go about it. Again, a loan is something that you can use to your advantage if you use it well.

What if credit cards were not evil and what if it were not true that you are even spending money you did not have?

If you would like to learn more tips and tricks on how to use financial tools to your advantage, check out my website or send me a message!