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By Mary Case

So now I know that I am an X-Men. It changes so much in my world. No longer do I make myself wrong for the lists that I write to organize my days, for checking the burners twice before I leave the house, for having so many projects on the go at once, for the piles on my desk, for counting in my head the steps I take.  I am an X-Men and I create in a very different way.

Lately I have been watching how I am an X-Men in action. What capacities do I have and how am I choosing to use them? And, where have I have been choosing them for a very long time, and never seeing or acknowledged them?   

Is it not an X-Men capacity to be able to direct a rehearsal with over one hundred students and be aware of every corner of the room? Of the child who had a rough morning at home, of the one who is anxious about the person they happen to be sitting beside, about what each child requires for more ease?
​Is it not an X-Men capacity to be able to be aware of the past, present and future of the music? The composer as he or she sat at the desk and the notes came to life, of the future audience, of the present space and everything in it, or the audience to come and the audiences who have heard this music before?   And all this in a second of this time’s reality?  

Is it not possible that choosing to swim, then bike, then run, and all the preparation involved for that, to race on the Canadian Team for a World Triathlon event required, just a “tiny” bit of what this reality would call A.D.H.D? How many of our Olympic athletes are X-Men in action?

I now call myself an “X-Men in action.” As I go through the days, I am choosing more and more to acknowledge my brilliance, not my wrongness. I choose my capacities as a platform for creation, not what I am “supposed” to do.  I am willing to be judged for my choices. I know that I am not wrong, I am different.
I am grateful to Diva Diaz and Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness for their creation of X-Men classes across the globe and am delighted to be on their team, as an X-Men Intro Facilitator.  What else is possible now?

Mary Case XIF  ( Intro X-Men Facilitator)
Intro classes coming up have a look  and contact Mary
Short video intro from Diva Diaz https://youtu.be/JYh3BEvftJ4
If there is anything you would like to ask about  X-Men or becoming a XIF contact Diva, Cara and Jeni at: xmen@accessconsciousness.com